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Your CAPS Leadership Team

Corporate Culture Matters.  Who will lead you to the Triad of Business Success™?  

The professional staff at CRI Global CAPS brings both depth and breadth to our clients by combining practical business and executive management experience.  We offer a staff of expert facilitators and consultants with varied backgrounds:

  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology 

  • Organization Development Consulting 

  • Senior Executive and Line Management 

  • Education 

  • Law 

  • Regulatory Compliance

Thomas D. Hinton

Tom Hinton is the president and CEO of CRI Global, LLC.  He is recognized as one of America’s most sought-after speakers and consultants in the areas of Creating a Culture of Excellence in the Workplace, Life Balance, and Employee Engagement.

As president of CRI Global CAPS, Tom leads a dynamic and seasoned team that helps clients assess their culture and make refinements to improve their people, performance and profitability.

Tom’s high-energy and content-rich presentations make him a popular speaker at corporate, association, and personal growth conferences.  Since 1989, he has addressed over 1,200 corporate, association, and government audiences in the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Japan, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Scotland, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Tom is the author of The Spirit of Service, Leadership Lessons I Learned on the Links: 72 Ways to Par the Course of Business and Life, 10,000 Days: The Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life and Passages:  The Book of Daily Inspirations and Weekly Exercises From the Course of 10,000 Days. He is also the co-author of Customer – Focused Quality: What to Do on Monday Morning. 

Thomas Hinton
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  • Human Resources 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Supply Chain Management 

  • Teamwork 

  • Customer Relations 

  • Employee Engagement

Barbara J. Yager, J.D.

As the managing director of CRI Global CAPS, Barbara Yager is one of America’s foremost experts on helping companies create a positive and engaged workplace environment.  

Having spent nearly 25 years in the world of corporate law and finance, Barbara understands the key role senior leaders play.  She has developed a series of high-level training programs that address High Performance Culture.  Her programs are designed to guide senior executives and entrepreneurs to the power of Culture, and using that power to strengthen corporate performance and results.  Barbara is responsible for the development of The Culture Playbook™ and The Culture Identity Assessment™, tools that are used by numerous companies today.

Barbara’s philosophy – When employees perform at their best, they naturally have the best interests of the company at heart. Her message has a simple theme: Culture matters to your people, performance and profitability.

Barbara is also a sought-after professional speaker on the topics of Relationship Building, Creating a High Energy Workplace, and Culture Shift: Why Corporate Cultures Change and How to Manage that Shift. 

Barbara Yager
619) 787-7111