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Culture Matters. But how will it matter to you? 

You’ll learn how to interpret, monitor and initiate industry trends and organizational changes before they happen. Instead of missing the big waves, you’ll be on the crest. You’ll have processes in place, gauging customer behavior and initiating a response rather than a delayed reaction to marketplace trends and customer desires. 

You will also be adept at analyzing causal factors to your profit goals because your operating culture and heightened employee engagement levels will trigger faster responses to changing customer desires and economic conditions.

Understanding Your Corporate Culture

Your leadership needs an unvarnished view of how your company is performing from a culture perspective.  This is paramount to your success.  Culture impacts your brand, employee commitment, corporate internal and external communications, social media presence, and advertising messages directed to your customers.  

By understanding your culture, we can help shed light on those issues that inhibit performance, impede employee commitment, and deter customers from spending more on your products and services.

Alignment with Your Corporate Culture

Once your leadership has a clear understanding of its company culture, we are able to help bring your business systems and operations into alignment.  Alignment with your mission and values forms the foundation of your business goals and profit strategies.  

We administer the alignment through a hands-on, live and/or web-based training and education component for all your employees from the top down.  For some companies, it’s also important to provide a version of this training to key suppliers whose quality and service can impact your company’s reputation and profitability.

Building Your Triad of Business Success (TM)

Your Triad of Business Success™ – Business Operations, Profit Strategies and Customer Relations – is the basis of Corporate Culture.  It is also the key to leading your company to market domination.

As elements of your Culture Playbook™ are implemented, you will begin to see cultural shifts within your organization.  While these shifts are positive, they will impact most aspects of your Business Strategies (i.e. operations, procurement, human resources, legal, compliance, sales/marketing, accounting, finance, risk management, product development, technology, etc.) as well as your performance and profitability.

This is a natural occurrence with every company that undertakes a Culture Assessment. The reason is simple.  When you implement change, expectations and standards must also change to reflect the company’s higher performance expectations.  We believe that standards are non-negotiable. They represent the minimum level of expected performance and behavior from every employee in your organization.  Standards are different than values and processes.  For example, honoring your words and promises to customers is a standard.  Integrity is a value.

Culture shifts must be anticipated and managed.  Thus, management needs to have a reliable plan in place to address cultural shifts. While this is part of your Culture Playbook™, CRI Global CAPS will be there to support management as they implement change and make the necessary shifts in support of your culture refinements.