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Culture Assessments and Performance Systems

Who Are We?

CRI Global CAPS is an international consulting firm specializing in corporate culture assessments, systems and strategies, thus our acronym “CAPS” – Culture Assessments & Performance Systems.

We believe a company’s performance and profitability are tied closely to a company’s culture.

In today’s competitive workplace, a company’s standards, values and attitudes directly impact the bottom line.

This is why we created the Culture Spectrum™, a valuable tool to gauge where your company stands in terms of its culture.  We also created the Culture Playbook™ so companies can design their own customized Culture Blueprint™.

What We Do

CRI Global CAPS will help your company assess its culture, design a customized Culture Playbook™, and implement that Culture Playbook™ to improve performance and increase profitability.  We provide a range of culture assessment services to Boards and Senior Executives using our Culture Playbook™ system which includes these strategic elements: 

  • Culture Assessment. 

  • Culture Identity™ system using our customized Culture Spectrum™ tools. 

  • The design and implementation of a Culture Blueprint™ based on your company’s goals and objectives. 

  • Culture Gap Analysis by measuring results, providing feedback and refining performance metrics.

How We Work

CRI Global CAPS recognizes that each and every client is uniquely different.  You differ from your closest competitor because of your history, heritage, values, ethics, leadership, employees, products, suppliers, and markets.  No two companies are alike. 

CRI Global CAPS uses a customized approach with each client while following the same four steps that comprise our Culture Playbook™.  

Our goal is to provide you with an unvarnished analysis of your cultural strengths, areas for improvement, and a winning plan to integrate your Culture Playbook™ with your Business Strategies and Profitability Segments.

Culture Assessment

Culture Identity System (TM)

Culture Playbook (TM)

Culture Gap Analysis (TM)

The first step is to assess your culture.  

CRI Global CAPS will perform a comprehensive analysis that includes both face-to-face interviews as well as online assessments for your employees, customers and suppliers.  These assessments can be calibrated and tracked for repeated responses over several years.  

Through the culture assessment phase, we begin to understand your company –

  • who you are and how you function

  • corporate values and ethics

  • organizational structure and leadership style

  • products and services 

  • customer relationships 

  • internal level of self-esteem and corporate esprit de corps

  • relevance and value in the marketplace. 

The second step is building your Culture Identity™ System.

The Culture Identity™ System is the game plan by which you will refine those elements of your culture to strengthen business operations, company efficiencies and boost profitability.  

The Culture Identity™ System is driven from the top down, so it’s a process that must be valued and championed by the CEO and his/her C-Suite Leadership. 

The third step is the design and implementation of a Culture Playbook™ based on your company’s goals and objectives.

The Culture Playbook™ will become your playbook; the guide to improve performance, strengthen operational efficiencies, boost employee engagement and achieve greater profitability.  The Culture Playbook™ ensures that your Culture, Business Strategies and Profitability are working together for the good of the company and its valued customers.

The fourth and final step is the Culture Gap Analysis.

During this phase, we will measure and analyze results, provide feedback to leadership, and refine performance metrics so your team produces optimum results.  We also assess customer response and propose ways to build closer bonds with your key customers.